Caney Fork River Kayak, Canoe, Cabin, and Campground Rentals

Since 1975, Caney Fork River Rentals at Big Rock Market and Caney Fork Outdoors has been running canoe and kayak trips over 40 years on the Caney Fork River. We are a family owned business. We promote fishing, canoeing, kayaking, river information, and water safety for the Caney Fork River. Our focus has been on preservation and improving our environment for future generations to enjoy this great place. We have built our reputation by helping locals and visitors alike to share in the great outdoors.

We are about embracing what life has to offer. We live for the experiences that create memories that will last forever. Simple pleasures can be some of the most deeply satisfying. We believe that simple and uncomplicated is the better way of getting those experiences. We have set up our pricing and services to reflect that point of view. We want to make it easy for you to determine your options, figure out what you want/need, what it’s going to cost and what to expect.

For a complete river experience go with the River Runners. Canoeing and kayaking allow people of all ages and varied abilities to experience paddling the waters of the Caney Fork River. A trip to the Caney Fork River can offer multiple opportunities for canoeist, kayakers, and fishermen. Whether you choose a day on the Caney Fork River or a splash on the Center Hill Lake, you are bound to experience an unforgettable day of fun and adventure. Our unparalleled customer service and outstanding safety record sets us apart from the rest. We take pride in planning your adventure to fit individuals, families, and group needs, and we consider it a privilege to share this great river with you. We have two main goals. First is your safety ALWAYS comes first and our second is for you to enjoy a day, week, or month on the Caney Fork River.

We invite you to experience the finest on Caney Fork River. Located in the heart of Middle Tennessee, we are just a 45 minute drive from Nashville, Tennessee and 90 minute from Knoxville, Tennessee. Offering the best in outdoor recreation and overnight accommodations. Since 1975, we pledge to continue our tradition of providing the finest service, facilities, and equipment to ensure a fun and memorable experience on the Caney Fork River and Center Hill Lake. We will be Tennessean Ya!

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