Caney Fork River Rentals

Fishing – Kayaking – Canoeing – Lodging

Discover the great Caney Fork River

We invite you to experience the finest on the Caney Fork River. Located in the heart of Middle Tennessee. Explore the great outdoors on the Caney Fork River and what it has to offer. Create memories that will last forever!

River Rentals


We have been running canoe and kayak trips on the Caney Fork River for over 40+ years. We are a family owned business and promote fishing, canoeing, kayaking, river information, and water safety for the Caney Fork River. Choose your next adventure!
Fishing Kayak
Jackson Kayak Riviera
Single Kayak
Jackson Kayak Riviera T
Tandem Kayak
Old Town Canoe Discovery

Cabins & Lodging

A Place To Relax

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  • Bathroom & Kitchen
  • Outdoor Charcoal Grill
  • Wifi
  • Quiet Location
Caney Fork River Rentals

1193 Wolf Creek Road
Silver Point, TN 38582
(931) 858-5222