Canoe Rental

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The third seat is ONLY for ages 2 to 13. Required.

Check-In Time * 

For Your Safety, Check-In Times Are Subject To Change According To The Center Hill Dam’s Generation Schedule.


  • – This form is for the Happy Hollow Trip (6 Mile). For longer trips, please call us at (931) 858-5222.
  • – Please, show up 30 mins before your check-in time.
  • – If you need 13 or more canoes, please call us at (931) 858-5222.
  • – We provide you a paddle, PFD, and transportation to and from the river.
  • – The check-in times are subject to change depending on the Center Hill Dam generation schedule.
  • – Remember your fishing licenses and trout stamp if needed.
  • – Click the map below to print it out if you would like.
Caney Fork River Map
US Army Corp of Engineers – Caney Fork River Map