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Fishing Report

Hey everyone! If you do not know, my name is Joel Martin and I am the owner of Caney Fork Outdoors. I am starting weekly fishing reports for all the fisherman who love the Caney Fork River and Center Hill Lake. I will give you the most honest and accurate report about the waters here. My goal is to give you a weekly update on water conditions, fishing reports, and water levels. Just click on one of the images below for either the Caney Fork River or Center Hill Lake fishing report. I live and work on the Caney Fork River, so the last thing I see at night and the first thing I see in the morning is the Caney Fork River. You could say my whole life is in the Caney Fork River and Center Hill Lake. I invite everyone to come and enjoy one of my favorite past times on the water – Fishing! My family and I want to give everyone the chance to enjoy our homeland!

“Life is a journey, spend it on the river”
– Joel Martin